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Crystal 2020 Itineraries Discussion

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Yes I know the 2020 itineraries have been out for a while - but I just spent sometime looking at the options they present

Well one of my friends spotted a bargain (if you're interested in a European itinerary)

I've just booked it as it fits our plans well - and my friend did to so were now in planning mode (yes I know its over 18 months away

Anyway check it out at: ... s200524-26

26 days from Rome to Dover and visiting some classic ports and wine growing areas - this looks like a great cruise for wine and food lovers

The pricing gurus at Crystal have done something weird as the shorter cruise ... s200531-19 is only $200 or so cheaper in the entry level classes

The E2 class on the 26 days cruise is already showing "Call for Availability" - so I'm clearly not the only one to have spotted it

Head over to Fare Compare (only on Dribcritic of course) and check out the options and per diems for these cruises - click the FC test up the top of the screen

Oh and of course we just had to book the trans Pacific on Serenity - LA to Auckland via Papeete (two cruises back to back 13 and 14 days - hey who wants to end up in Papeete?) ... y200122-13 and ... y200204-14 (this ones Call for Availability in the C category so if you want to get onto this one you will need to book a B category verandah)

So what else have people spotted for 2020?
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Future Cruises - who knows if cruising ever resumes? But maybe they’ll include these ones
June 2021 - Crystal Serenity - London to Stockholm - 25 days
Sept 2021 - RSSC Explorer - Vancouver to Tokyo - 19 days
Feb 2022 - Crystal Serenity - Los Angeles to Auckland - 19 days

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