2019 Itineraries Discussion

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2019 Itineraries Discussion

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Well it will soon be 2019 - and we'll have a "new" Serenity to enjoy so what are people up to?

I'll start the ball rolling

Feb 2019 Auckland to Perth on Serenity @ http://www.crystalcruises.com/voyage/de ... y190205-15 - one of the WC 2018 legs and a chance to see what they've done with the refurbishment currently underway. We know the ports pretty well except the ones in Western Australia so this is very much about the cruise - then were catching a class train - the Indian Pacific back to Sydney (all inclusive food and wine on that - just what we'll need after 15 days on Serenity!)

May 2019 Hong Kong to Tokyo on Symphony @ http://www.crystalcruises.com/voyage/de ... s190509-17 with a group of cruising friends who met back in 2017 on Symphony on a Tokyo to LA (well we ended up in San Diego but that's another story) and have now done a trans Pacific together and will hopefully sail together again if we can make it work in our schedules

I'm also pleased to see a number of other friends and cruising associates on this one - I'm sure it's going to be a lot of fun and there are many great ports in China, Taiwan, Korea and Japan

This ones "sold out" (along with the one before it from Singapore to Hong Kong) although final payment date is not until Feb 2019 so the situation may change

So what's everyone else planning for 2019 on Crystal?
Email - bodogodog@gmail.com

Future Cruises - who knows if cruising ever resumes? But maybe they’ll include these ones
June 2021 - Crystal Serenity - London to Stockholm - 25 days
Sept 2021 - RSSC Explorer - Vancouver to Tokyo - 19 days
Feb 2022 - Crystal Serenity - Los Angeles to Auckland - 19 days

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