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ship dollar

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Ship Dollar is a new program where you can see the Dollar View in a bigger window, and scroll from one trip to the previous or next trip for that ship.

The Dollar View was always meant to be a small pop-up window, where you can open many windows and view them side-by-side on a wide-screen monitor. After I added "wait list" and "unavailable" to Fare Compare, I wanted the Dollar View to show that too. But I didn't want to make that view bigger - so the "per day" column, there, can be either "per day" or "category status." Ship Dollar is wider, so it has a column for both.

If you enter Ship Dollar without a query string, you have to select a ship, and unlike any other selector on drib critic, the selector combines ships from all lines.


If you select a ship here, it will start with the next available trip for booking.

Then, use the red arrows for previous and next, or press the left and right arrows on your keyboard.

If you navigate to Ship Dollar from another drib critic program, it will start Ship Dollar with the ship you were viewing, or if a specific trip on Roll Call, it will start Ship Dollar on that trip.



Likewise, if you leave Ship Dollar to Roll Call, it will land there on that trip number.

Another change is that the program links for all drib critic programs are now uniformly on the right side - drib critic, roll call, fare compare, fare search, and ship dollar.

Don't forget that the category status only started with trips on the web site on December 28, 2018, so it's all blank before that. But it is cool to scroll through Ship Dollar going forward, and you can readily see which trips were sold out.

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