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luggage forward

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Our recent trip was complicated. We flew to Miami first to visit our daughter. Next, we flew to New York City to visit our son. And finally, we boarded the Queen Mary 2 in Brooklyn for a seven day cruise to Quebec City.

We packed one bag with just what we would need on the QM2, and rather than schlepping that big bag to Miami, from Miami, to the New York City hotel, and from the New York City hotel, I decided to use a luggage service for the first time.

Cunard has their own White Star Service. I would have used that, except that I got different quotes between my first inquiry, and my second call to book the service. So, I booked Luggage Forward instead for about half the cost.

The Luggage Forward online booking process was easy to follow, and they gave me a twenty dollar credit for creating a new account. They were to pick up the bag between 1pm and 5pm - which was perfect since we were taking the red-eye that day to Miami.

On the day of the pickup, Luggage Forward called to confirm, and their agent inferred that the pickup window was all day. This aggravated me because I would not have used them if they could not pickup by 5pm. I spent several minutes arguing with the agent about this. The worst case was that we would take the bag with us when we went to the airport, and then later, I would be arguing with their agent about a refund. It was not an issue, though; a FedEx truck picked up the bag a little after 1pm. Still, I was annoyed by the Luggage Forward agent.

I expected to see our bag in the cabin when we boarded nine days later. It turned out that we had a terrible embarkation; the ship was delayed arriving in Brooklyn, and it was delayed in leaving Brooklyn. And when we finally got to our cabin, there was no bag with our clean and formal clothes. The QM2 relaxed the dress code that night because of the terrible embarkation, and the bag was delivered to the cabin the next day. So no harm, no foul.

I wasn't alarmed that the bag was not in our cabin when we boarded. I did receive an email that the bag had been delivered to the ship. However, the email said that delivery was made at 7:54 pm, which is curious because as far as they knew, the ship was leaving at 5pm.

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Re: luggage forward

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Good to know - understand why you did it but I'm still nervous about having my bag travel separately (plus I have no idea if the service is available from Australia to international locations)
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